Create a fail proof work outfit

In one of my instagram posts, I asked each one of you what industry you work in and your ‘go-to work outfit’. I received a ton of responses and came to learn that many of you do very interesting work across many different industries. From government work to tech startups to fashion houses, I must say I am in good company and I can not wait to see what incredible things you all achieve in your careers. #Girlpower

What sparked my question was my own experience of finding the perfect work outfit that exudes confidence and comfort yet looks polished and professional at the same time. When I began my career in Corporate Finance over a decade ago, I have designated part of my closet to “work wear” only. This meant that I wouldn’t be caught dead in my 9-5 outfit outside the office. Trust me, if you were restricted to only wear pencil skirts and button downs in gray-black-and-white color scheme, you too would want to rip those items off the first chance you get.

BTW the restriction was a mind set. The mindset that constantly reminded me that A Professional outfit should always be subdued and never too loud in color. The result was a closet that would be diagnosed as having multiple personality disorders. I would never invest in ‘work’ pieces because I figured I would never wear this “stuff” outside the office so it was not worth the investment. Meanwhile, I would splurge on items I barely wore and cheap out on things I wore every day, like a great pair of trousers. There was no logic in it and the reality was I have spent the last decade mostly at the office. The irony…

Now that I changed my mindset and realized (thankfully, not too late) that work wear doesn’t need to be boring, Ive started to buy clothes that I actually love and would want to be caught wearing. Enter the premise for the blog Work Wear How: How to take your closet from 9-5 and beyond. Ladies, this gives me peace of mind when I splurge on pieces I would of considered “too expensive” back then because cost per wear justifies even the most lavish purchases, especially key pieces that can be worn numerous times in different ways.

I present to you the fail proof outfit that is appropriate for any occasion without comprising your sense of style and individuality. Wear it to work in a traditional office environment (think Corporate America), to dinner with friends, even on vacation. The items all work together and can be worn apart in so many different ways.

Pants: Gap | Top: Zara| Blazer: Brooks Brothers| Shoes: Jimmy Choo| Sunglasses: Miu Miu| Earrings: Vintage

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