pretty in pink: the Power Suit of the Season

Did Millennial pink throw up on everything lately or is it just me?
To be honest, I thought this pink trend would have died down by now. Don’t get me wrong, pink is a lovely color (in the form of flowers, lipsticks and nail polish) but I never loved pink on clothes. Ok, maybe once upon on time I liked it but definitely not in the last 10 years. I often associated it with Barbie dolls aka being way “too childish” for the professional young adult. Especially when working in Corporate America, anything outside the black, white and gray color palette was considered “loud” so I never invested in that shade. That is…Until NOW.

I have officially been bitten by the pink trend bug. I, not only, purchased ONE pink article of clothing (which is what I WOULD advise anyone to do when trying out something they once avoided like the plague). Nooo, I purchased a whole PINK ENSEMBLE: a power suit to be exact.
And I am loving it.

A Power suit means business. A Pink Power Suit means just that minus the stuffiness. It makes a statement; one of confidence and positivity. And yes ladies, I do plan on wearing this look to work. However,  I knew this two-piece could be worn plenty of different ways outside of the office too, which makes the investment 100% worth it.

Has the pink trend got to you? Either way, we can all agree whether you love or hate pink, everyone must own a power suit this season.

Here are some swoon-worthy pink power suits that I love: