National Coffee Day : NYC edition

My day always begins with a cup of coffee ; a cappuccino to be exact. The perfect cappuccino is like a hug in a cup that I welcome every morning. I am very particular about my cappuccinos and the milk to coffee ratio. Finding the perfect cappuccino is not as easy as it seems. Some places hit it on the nail, others miss by a mile (which leaves me disappointed as I note to self to never return). Yes, I am aware that sounds super dramatic but hear me out… There are so many coffee shops in NYC so why should I go back to one that is subpar? Why not find the ones that get it right on the first try and give them my business? Right? I knew you would agree so in honor of National Coffee Day, here is my list of coffee shops worth going out of your way for when you want a good cup of coffee.
One hug coming right up.

Coffee Shop: Little Collins
Location: Midtown East:55th and Lexington
Note: The coffee isn’t the only thing that is A-MAZING here. Their food is Incredible.
Usual Order: Cappuccino (Pictured). Braised Chickpea Sandwich. Corn and Black Bean Sweet Potato Salad.

Coffee Shop: Blue Spoon
Location: FIDI: 90 William Street
Note: Lavender is not only for bath time. It’s for coffee time.
Usual Order: Honey Lavender Latte.  A (few) homemade chocolate chip cookies. YUM

Coffee Shop: Java Girl
Location: UES: 66th and 1st Avenue
Note: Haven for Coffee and Tea lovers. You can purchase the beans and leaves to brew at home.
Usual Order: Mocha Mint Latte.  A chocolate Biscotti.

Coffee Shop: Perk
Location: Murray Hill: 37th and Lexington
Note: Always on point with a smile.
Usual OrderCappuccino. 

Coffee Shop:Birch
Location: Multiple
Note: Quick and delicious.
Usual OrderCappuccino. 

When all else fails, I can always count on:

Coffee Shop: Dunkin Donuts
Usual Order: Iced unsweetened Hazelnut coffee with splash of Almond milk

Happy National Coffee Day! If you have a favorite coffee cafe in NYC, let me know!