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All my friends call me Ness, so if you are reading this consider yourself one! I am the girl behind Work Wear How – a lifestyle blog focused on style, career growth, travel and all of life’s extras (+ my love for cappuccinos)

When I began my career in Corporate Finance over a decade ago, I have designated part of my closet to “work wear” only. This meant that I wouldn’t be caught dead in my 9-5 outfit outside the office. Trust me, if you were restricted to only wear pencil skirts and button downs in gray-black-and-white color scheme, you too would want to rip those items off the first chance you get.

BTW the restriction was a mind set. The mindset that constantly reminded me that a professional outfit should always be subdued and never too loud in color. The result was a closet that would be diagnosed as having multiple personality disorders. I would never invest in ‘work’ pieces because I figured I would never wear this “stuff” outside the office so it was not worth the money. Meanwhile, I would splurge on items I barely wore and cheap out on things I wore every day, like a great pair of trousers. There was no logic to it. The reality was I have spent the last decade mostly at the office. The irony…

Now that I changed my mindset and realized (thankfully, not too late) that work wear doesn’t need to be boring, I’ve started to buy clothes that I actually love and would want to be caught wearing in all settings. Enter the premise for the blog Work Wear How: How to take your closet from 9-5 and beyond.

Although, I spend my days analyzing numbers it is never at the expense of a balanced life-style or fashion. After all, you don’t have to comprise your style or sense of individuality in any setting. Let your clothes take you to work, to dinner and on vacation.

Follow me as I share my style in all settings, career advice, travel destinations and everything else that life throws my way.

Ladies, whoever said we couldn’t have it all lied. I hope to leave you inspired to realize YOUR dreams or at the very least an amazing #OOTD.

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