If NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? 2017 in Review


I can’t believe it is January 1, 2018. I’m pretty sure everyone made it to the gym today and thought twice about what they were eating. Unfortunately, good habits take longer than one day to form. It is important to set realistic goals and measure against them to see progress. It is equally important to reevaluate habits you currently have that compromise reaching your goals. This is what I am doing this year and I need you all to hold me accountable, ok?

Looking Back: 2017 was a good year with lots of good moments, which I am grateful for. But when it comes to blogging, it was not my most productive year. It was a year filled with trial and error and mostly excuses of not having enough ‘time’. Let’s just say… I found every excuse in the book to procrastinate the one thing I set out to do: Blog in 2017.

When you put the work in, you get results: I gave blogging a whirl in 2017 and tried to have fun with it. I loved the creative juices that overflowed when picking out looks, shooting them, creating guides for trips I have taken and being a source to those who needed some inspiration. In my first few months of blogging, WhoWhatWear featured one of my looks from their 30 Day Spring Style Challenge. It was a very cool moment. I was Excited! Then a few months later, a company reached out to me to collaborate with them.(Read about it: here). But my favorite part of blogging to date is all the new people I met who I now consider friends. (Hi Ladies! Thank you for your support).

Cocktail for Failure: The most challenging part of blogging was carving out the time to deliver and execute on the ideas that were tucked away in my head. Part of it was due to poor time-management and self-doubt mixed with a tad of laziness, which is the perfect cocktail for Failure. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. However, how you spend your time has a big impact on achieving your goals. I do have a career that I am passionate about which keeps me very busy M – F,  yet I somehow find the time to binge watch Netflix like my life depended on it. Go Figure. (BTW How good was The Crown this season?) 

Recipe for Success (not tried or tested): Realizing this, I am going to try something different this year. I promise to make 2018’s journey in blogging different by Planning ahead. Ideas are cheap but execution is worth millions, Opening up. In order to be relatable, vulnerability is key, Having fun. Because if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? Being Fearless and Just Doing It. If not now, then when?

2018 will be the year of execution. Who’s with me?

Thank you for following along. Cheers to a Happy and Productive 2018!



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